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 Pack Features

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PostSubject: Pack Features   Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:00 pm

For a list of some of the merged mods, see List of merged mods with pics

  1. 1000 active mods while playing the game
  2. At least 500 hand picked texture mods and combined textures
  3. About 500 or more .esp and .esm merged into approximately 150 .esp and .esm's
  4. Everything in a proportion of 80% to 90% was re-textured in some way
  5. Close to 3000 mods,tools, scripts etc were used in some way in the 2 years it took to put the pack together.(Just talking about V4, other versions of the pack were released many years ago)
  6. -mergesBuilt=82|pluginsChecked=888|pluginsFixed=72|pluginsMerged=463| (If someone wants to count the active merged esp's please feel free do so, i would like an accurate number as it's more than above)
  7. Rock solid performance and stability
  8. Almost all aspects of the game was overhauled and improved
  9. All mods where reinstalled and updated to their latest versions
  10. All mods are now handled by MO
  11. Game can be made as immersive or un-immersive as you want it to be
  12. More control over what mods you want or don't want into your playthrough
  13. Game can be as easy as you want or a complete nightmare where any single mistake will lead to your death
  14. Lots of new optional high quality textures for a lot of things (clothes|armors|weapons|creatures|NPC's|Plants)
  15. Optional mods are tagged as so,this way people people will lower end GPU's or CPU's will still be able to play the pack and people with serious hardware will be able to enjoy it fully and the way it was meant to be played.
  16. -A comprehensive guide (FAQ,Q&A,performance tips etc) will be available on the forum in the near future
  17. Massive combined perk trees overhauling the default perk trees in a big way.
  18. Huge selections of new enemies and new enemy variation
  19. Improved enemy AI, enemy spell and perk repertoire (yes they will be deadlier, yes they will use a lot of spells, yes they'll chase you over long distances, yes they'll see you from further distance during they day and harder at night, yes they'll use potions and healing spells)
  20. Almost everything in the game is re-textured in someway (about 70% i would guess)
  21. Build for performance and game-play not for "ohh look at this amazing 4k tree bark --> eats 20 FPS"
    (not that i have anything against such textures 4k gaming is not really possible for at least a few years because it's crazy expensive)
  22. HDT body's
  23. HDT armors
  24. HDT hair
  25. HDT earrings
  26. Bandoliers for your character
  27. Rucksacks for your character
  28. Your character can talk
  29. New capes (non hdt)
  30. More Weapons (2-4x)
  31. More Armors (3-5x)
  32. More Jewelry (3-5x)
  33. More NPC's
  34. NPC's re-textures
  35. A lot more MOBS variation
  36. Herds of horses and cows will roam around Skyrim
  37. New farm animals (cows,pigs,sheep)
  38. Big number of new fish species
  39. You can now fish
  40. New cooking recipes
  41. New bugs and butterflys will wander around Skyrim
  42. Different types of small birds will roam around Skyrim(ducks and other types)
  43. Hunting chains predators will hunt other types of animals
  44. Animals will have pups that can spawn 2 times a year
  45. New hunting system with quests and perks
  46. A lot more enemy types
  47. New bandit types (OBIS)around 6 new bandit factions will try to kill across Skyrim
  48. New enemies level (WTF mod)will add MOBS/NPC that are not based on your level(yes you can find a lvl 90 near your starting position if unlucky)
  49. After level 10 new harder enemies will spawn
  50. Random high level named enemies will spawn as you advance through the game and levels.
  51. A very big collection of new spells added through multiple mods should be well over 600 new spells
  52. Dynamic and configurable loot system(some enemies will drop enchanted weapons or enchanted armors with random proprieties,they can now also temper their weapons or have more gold or potions)
  53. A small number of new player homes merged into a single esp
  54. A big collection of new armors merged into a few esp's
  55. A decent collection of new robes merged into a singe esp
  56. A big collection of new hairs (approx 400) merged single esp
  57. A big collection of new eyes (approx 300) merged single esp
  58. Player head-tracking (npc,corpses,moving animals etc)
  59. Player auto-unequipps ammo if not using a bow or crossbow
  60. Given the difficulty is ramped up,player will now get 2 perk points per level
  61. Smart cast(auto-use)of healing magic(or other magic) when health is low (configurable)
  62. Smart use of potions(auto-use) when magic/health/stamina is low
  63. Footprints when you walk across snow or other areas
  64. Improved roads, bridges , fences
  65. Torches will leave a longer trail of smoke
  66. Extended death duration (game won't auto load)
  67. Treasure crafting - craft treasure and sell it for profit or even make gold armors
  68. New shop decorations to make some the shops actually look like shops with more stock etc
  69. Vendors will be stocked with more items and have more gold
  70. You can now control how often kill-moves will occur
  71. New blood textures
  72. Bloody facials - you can now have blood spattered on your face while fighting
  73. Flying spell sold at DragonsReach in Whiterun that can be combined with new craftable wings(made at cooking stations)
  74. New deadly dragons and ultimate dragons (new spells,behavior,health etc for dragons)
  75. Vampires Overhaul
  76. Werewolf Overhaul
  77. You can now build your own settlement with Tundra Defense and Pocket Empire Builder
    -Construct and place custom buildings in realtime
    -Recruit villagers and guards,guard captains,mages etc
    -Defend it against raiders
  78. You can now start your own guild
  79. -Recruit new members
  80. -Send them in Skyrim to good deeds,bad deeds,collect resources
  81. -Level up your guild
  82. Scrap armors into usable materials
  83. Scrap junk (shovels,wooden plates,flagons,iron pots etc) into usable materials
  84. Uncapped perks
  85. New alchemy ingredients (about 300 new ones)
  86. New textures for dense grass everywhere without loss in FPS
  87. Tweaks made to grass so that it can be seen for further away,also removes the "grass generating/popping" effect
  88. Amazing water textures when combined with the ENB already provided and installed
  89. Very heavy rain storms or snow storms can now occur,your vision will be limited to 1-2 meters ahead.
  90. Rain splashes,shooting stars,rainbows
  91. Lanterns in villages and roadside to light your way in the night
  92. Wearable lanterns
  93. New textures for night sky,galaxy and moons
  94. New textures for towns and villages
  95. New textures for shops signs and road-pointers
  96. New textures for armor and clothes
  97. New textures for weapons
  98. New textures for clutter
  99. New textures for alchemy tables and enchant tables
  100. New textures for chopping block
  101. New textures for fire effects
  102. New textures for lighting spells and effects
  103. You get where this is going with "new textures" i carefully hand picked textures for even the smallest things
  104. Better map/s with more control (EG fast travel icons from dragonborn dlc/faalskar/wyrmstooth)
  105. Better dialogue controls
  106. Better map markers (smaller,colored,less cluttery)
  107. Different fixes to some ui elements
  108. Different fixes to body's
  109. Different fixes to armors and meshes
    Some animals were given shiny new fur(you'll know when you see them)
  110. Lots animals, monster and NPC's were given textures improvements (4x vanilla)
  111. Dragons also received new spells and behaviors which you can tweak directly from the MCM menu
  112. New life injected into towns,villages and even on roads in the form of new travelers, patrols,vendors, pilgrims, mercenaries, apothecaries, knights ,citizens, laborers ,cats, dogs, bugs, insects and more
  113. Towns were also overhauled to also give new life to them, you'll see a lot of new vendors with their own stalls, you'll also see a huge variety of new clutter, plants and flower, cloth lines and more, they will now feel like veritable functioning towns.
  114. Customize weapons positioning and dual wielding overhauled for both you and the NPC(daggers on hip,ankles,back hip etc)
  115. Overhauled economy and trade routes for all of Skyrim, you'll find out that life is more expensive and vendors prices will be a lot higher, they will also pay less for goods that are easily available in the surrounding area/hold.
  116. (eg a merchant in a hold will pay 1500 for a certain item but another from another hold might pay 500 or less in another)
  117. Jewels,jewelry are now more valuable as they should.You can now cut the jewels in different sizes and craft a huge variety of jewelry(5000 or more pieces) and even make jeweled and golden clothes which as you might imagine will be very valuable.
  118. Pelts will also be valuable and you can customize their value.
  119. New complex hunting and skinning system that can replace the vanilla looting system for animals and more
  120. Camping and survival experience with 2 new separate perk trees and more
  121. Eating,drinking and need for sleep and more
  122. You can now cut trees and destroy rocks to complement the campfire and survival mods
  123. Dynamic loot system that you can adjust including rare and unique armors, rare weapons, tempered weapons, gold drop rate and more
  124. You can now loot every nook and cranny of Skyrim including barrels,crates,woodpiles and more
  125. Plants and alchemy ingredients will give more product in a logical way
  126. There's a very small chance that coin purses will contain gems or rare gems
  127. If no one sees you stealing an item it's not considered stolen (uncaught thief = fair merchant?)
  128. High quality body's for both males and females
  129. Overhauled NPCS with better hair/eyes/body/morphs/skin etc
  130. 90% of NPC's will wear high quality cloth/armors etc, some that you probably never seen before.
  131. Dialogue was overhauled on the character end so your character doesn't sound like an illiterate tree stump that can't string more that 4 letter long sentences
  132. You can now also perform interactions with NPC's like ask them to barter with you,help you or follow you, but this will depend greatly on your speech skill.
  133. Your character male/female can also talk and the voice can be changed from the MCM menu,it won't be for all your actions but it adds that much needed immersion
  134. You character can sound exhausted when life, stamina or magika gets to low (this can also be customized)
  135. Lots of new NPC that feel like they were supposed to be in the game, some are just interesting to talk to, some give you small quests and some can even become your companions
  136. Huge selection of new bows,longbows and crossbows
  137. New fletching system that will allow you to make arrows,re-string bows and longbows
  138. Arrows can pierce body's or even bounce of some armors
  139. Arrows will fly to where your aim is when releasing
  140. Huge selection of new armors
  141. Huge selection of new weapons
  142. Huge selection of new cloths and robes
  143. Almost every crafting menu was overhauled in some way
  144. Fauna and flora overhauled in many ways and with some ini tweaks it looks amazing while also keeping it performance friendly
  145. Water has been greatly improved in both textures and behavior
  146. Weather will be more varied and immersive
  147. Better animations for all actions (i won't go into details here because there to much to write)
  148. Huge selection of hairs, beards, eyes and character customization's.
  149. •Replaced Alternative Start with Skyrim Unbound
  150. •Replaced Immersive Horses with Convenient Horses
  151. •Replaced Female Idle/walking/running/sprinting animations with more feminine ones
  152. •Replaced Male Idle animations
  153. •Removed some scripted mods
  154. •Removed all performance heavy town mods

  155. •Removed Vivid Weathers to stop people complaining about bad particle effects,boost performance and more ENB compatibility
  156. •Removed WTF
  157. •Added a few texture mods
  158. •Added Even Better Quest Objectives
  159. •Added Timing Is Everything
  160. •Added The Choice is yours
  161. •Added a more powerful magic scaling mod
  162. •Updated all Survival mods to latest version!
  163. •Added a portable version of java and corrected paths in MO so Skyproc Patches can be easily re-made if the need arises with a few clicks.
  164. •Added Crash Fixes
  165. •Added Bug Fixes
  166. •Change color palette for improved colors
  167. •Performance and stability should improve

The Day Before The Day
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Lord Gilgamesh
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Dragon Slayer

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PostSubject: wow   Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:52 am

good god Rotten....shit has come a long way bromigo......that is a monster pack.....I swear you deserve some sort of award for this if it wasn't such a ethical gray area lol......I personally think your skills as a pack author is unrivaled.
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New Face!
New Face!

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PostSubject: Re: Pack Features   Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:39 pm

I used a directory printer, and printed out all the .merged files (I assume that is all the merged esps and whatnot), then exported the mod list from MO.  I then created an Excel spreadsheet from that, adding in the merges.  Here is that list:

I only counted about 398 total mods, including the merged files.  I don't know about script merges, or any texture merges though.
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PostSubject: Re: Pack Features   

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Pack Features
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